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Phiscalp is a new technique that combines art and dedication of simulating hair follicles through micropigmentation.

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Indications for PhiScalp

Scalp micropigmentation, often referred to as SMP, is a highly specialized technique for cosmetic pigmentation of the scalp. Although it’s similar to conventional tattooing, SMP is also unique in many ways.

It involves the use of advanced techniques and equipment to inject certain pigments into the scalp; therefore, it is mainly used as a treatment for hair loss.

Technicians are trained to use intricate procedures that ultimately mimic hair follicles in patients suffering from conditions such as androgenic alopecia, hairline receding, balding, thinning, and hair salon transplant scarring, among others. With the proper equipment and skill training, SMP specialists can provide patients cost-effective and cosmetically pleasing results.

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